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Michael has received official endorsements from the Kingston District Labour Council and SPEAKingston, as well as a number of individuals from across the political spectrum. This consensus-building approach is a sign of how he will bring people together to get the job done!

Sarah Mignault

Longtime Strathcona Park resident and former
School Council chair

Michael grew up in our district and now lives in our neighbourhood with his wife, Sara. He was an early leader in the fight to Save St. Paul’s school from closing in the early 2010s, and has represented our area as a school trustee since 2018. Michael is a long-time volunteer on the neighbourhood rink crew.

We need a councillor who is connected to our community. This October, I hope you’ll join me in voting Murphy for Meadowbrook-Strathcona!


Steve Garrison

Teacher, Union Leader, and former Councillor of Kingscourt-Strathcona

As a former councillor for our neighbourhood, I know how important local representation is. I have known Michael for over 20 years. Michael Murphy has a deep connection to our community, and he will be a strong voice for Meadowbrook-Strathcona. He can bring people together to find innovative solutions to the challenges facing our city, including those challenges disproportionately impacting the vulnerable, the working class, and the marginalized. 

I’ll be voting for Michael Murphy, and I hope you will too!


John Gerretsen

90th Mayor of Kingston and MPP (1995-2014)

I have known Michael Murphy for many years, and I am happy to endorse him. Michael is a hard-working and thoughtful candidate who brings together experience in elected office, an impressive education background, and a deep connection to his neighbourhood.


He will be an effective advocate for the people of Meadowbrook-Strathcona, and a strong voice for the next generation of Kingstonians!


Kathy Turkington

Longtime Strathcona Park resident and school board trustee (Kingston and Frontenac Islands) since 2006

As a school board trustee, Michael has proven himself to be a consensus-builder, leader, and a strong voice for our community. I know that he is the right choice to represent our district of Meadowbrook-Strathcona.


Ted Hsu

Over the last 12 years I have come to know Michael as a hard worker, a good communicator and someone whose judgement I trust and advice I rely on.


Brenda Moore

Longtime Chair of the Food Sharing Project and Retired LDSB Principal

Michael Murphy knows the value of good governance and the impact of policy decisions. He will use those strengths along with a listening ear to ensure that everyone in our city, including our most vulnerable citizens, will be supported by sustainable social services.


Vic Sahai

Former NDP Candidate for Kingston and the Islands, Community Activist, and Epidemiologist

Michael is a consensus-builder who will be a voice for progressive causes at City Council. He is a caring, hardworking person who is committed to making out community a better place to live.


I fully endorse his candidacy for Meadowbrook-Strathcona!

Vic Sahai_edited.webp

Michelle Foxton

Local lawyer and Past President of the Fort Henry Guard Foundation

I have had the pleasure to work with Michael Murphy for several years on the Board of Directors for a local non-profit organization.  Michael is a quality contributor to our Board.  He is contemplative, innovative, engaging and committed to making our organization successful.  He does not shy away from hard work, is the first to volunteer for difficult tasks and is an excellent advocate for our organization.  Michael’s breadth of knowledge is a true asset and he is a fantastic collaborator.  It is an honour to work with Michael and he would be an excellent Councillor for the Meadowbrook-Strathcona District.


Andrew Heffernan

Adjunct Professor and Climate Change Researcher

As an environmental politics researcher, I know that climate change is one of the most pressing issues facing humanity today and Dr. Michael Murphy has consistently demonstrated the hard work, determination, and skills necessary to help find innovative solutions for the complex problems we face. Michael understands that policy solutions must be practical and knows that our solutions must also acknowledge economic realities in order to ensure that no one is left behind.


He is the type of leader we need in order to ensure a more sustainable and equitable future for all.

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